Well hi folks welcome to my blog covering some of my joys, trials and tribulations of being a stay at home dad and other dad related stuff.

Stu, Caeden, Lott and Fletch

  Around a year and half ago when my wife said  she’d like to take on a full time job and would I like to stay at home more with the kids and work part time I jumped at the opportunity. We had recently moved to a different town and I had been working 3 different jobs to get by which was a pain in the arse so I welcomed the proposed change. In my naivety part of me thought it was going to be easy street.

  Fi was a mother of two great kids when I met her so she’d already had the experience of raising little ones through their early years and she was happy to let me have that experience with our son. Her eldest went back to live with his dad for a while leaving us with a 7 year old and 1 year old at home.

  Fi landed a good full time job soon after and it was time for the fun to begin. First of all this was going to be an amazing opportunity to work on my music interests, I looked lovingly at my guitar and thought of all the wonderful time we would spend together while the little fella was having his daytime sleep. My thoughts drifted to all the fun leisurely times my little son and I would share down at the beach without a care in the world as I accustomed him to the ocean I have spent so much time in. When his sister got home we would most likely all head down to the beach together, the two of them playing gleefully, their little hearts probably brimming with gratitude for the fun times I was consistently giving them.

  I have always been a bit of a dreamer and this is the sort of shit I sometimes think of. Its been nearly a year and a half since then and to put it briefly it’s been awesome, hard, joyful, frustrating and funny with a whole lot of love thrown in. I have been filled with gratitude many times and had no idea what the hell is going on quite a few times. I have done some things really well and made some total screw ups. I’m learning acceptance, patience and tolerance (quite slowly at times) and have changed for the better as a man.

 But most of all I have been blessed to spend this time with the little ones and take part in an entirely new life experience. But enough of that, my idea now is to share through this blog some experiences of being a stay at home dad.

Best Wishes



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Becoming a Stay at Home Dad
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