My dictionary defines compromise as –
  The settlement of a dispute by concessions on both or all sides.

  We did a bit of compromising today, me and the little fella.  I’m not sure i taught him anything about compromise but that’s what we did. We compromised. There was compromise between father and son. He didn’t want to though and he made it very clear.

  There was no real plan but after doing a late night shift last night I was really keen to go for a swim in the ocean and revitalise. Fletch had no absolutely interest in doing this and I was unable to persuade him, he wanted to jump off things and look at trucks. I didn’t really mind if we did that as I love hanging out with him but only after I had a quick swim.

  So I took him down to the waters edge. He didn’t want to go in but was happy enough to stand there watch me quickly jump in and out. Well he probably wasn’t that happy about it, actually he looked as though he may run. I would’ve caught him though, his legs aren’t long enough yet to outrun me on the soft sand.

  Feeling totally refreshed I then sat and watched him run around on the grassed area and  practice his jumping technique as he jumped off the waist high sandstone wall for a while.

  Fletch is a dedicated truck enthusiast so when a bin truck came along to pick up some large bins 100 metres from us we had to go in for a closer look. 

  He wanted to get as close as he could and the driver had a captive audience when he got out to manoeuvre the bins onto the trucks lifter.

  There was no way we were going to be leaving before the truck did so we took a seat on the grass and ate our lunch were Fletch could watch the bin truck.

  A cool little outing together, Fletch had a run around and got to feed his truck obsession and I got to freshen up in the ocean.

  Happy days

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Compromise between Father and Son
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One thought on “Compromise between Father and Son

  • May 2, 2017 at 1:41 pm

    hahaha – they gain mastery of parent management so easily. Great yarn …


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