Listen to your Spirit (part 2)


Listen to your spirit
Listen to your spirit

  Our Lott is a beautiful spirit and I’m not sure what other 8 year old girls are like but she can be pretty fiery at times.

  Recently there had been a blow up, I can’t even remember what it was about now. I suspect we weren’t conforming to her wishes. Anyway the whole thing ended with her screaming and slamming her door, it was all very dramatic of course.

  Fi went in and spoke to her and let her know in no uncertain terms that behaviour like that won’t be tolerated and gave and let her know what consequences there would be. I gave things a little time to settle and then went in. Lott had been crying and was feeling sorry for her behaviour. She apologised for her outburst and we talked.

  “Well what are you going to do now?” I asked.

  “I can’t do anything because Mum said my behaviour is rude.”

  “Yes it was but forget about that what are you going to do?’

  “It’s done and I can’t take it back.”

  “You can try and do better next time”

  “Well sometimes when I don’t get my own way I get angry and scream and I can’t help it” she explained.

  “Maybe your best chance would be to stop and listen to your spirit”

  “My spirit told me to scream” she immediately replied.

  “No thats your mind and emotions. Your spirit will come from a calm, peaceful place, if you can stop and listen to that you might have a better chance of staying out of trouble” I said. Clearly I was on a roll, I had the feeling this was some top class parenting. However she seemed disinterested to say the least.

  I left the room to pursue some other important parenting duties like picking up little piece of shit plastic toys of the floor and blow drying the lounge to dry out the spilled juice. That sort of general stuff. 

  “Later that evening Lott came to us and said “You won’t be able to put things in my cupboard anymore. Can you come and have a look at it”

  She escorted us into her room and opened her wardrobe door, in the small space she had built what resembled a little shrine/meditation space with cushions and a rug. I’ve got to give it to her she is definitely creative.

  “I’m going to go in here when I’m angry to sit and calm down so I don’t get in trouble”

  “Fantastic darlin, Thats great.”  we did our best to encourage her, I refrained from telling her she may be starved of oxygen in the tiny space.

   Maybe she did listen to me after all.

   I thought there might be a “moral to the story” type ending for this post but I can’t really think of one to be honest other than we’ll keep doing our best to guide our children and when I reflect back on this I once again realise that kids can be really cool. 


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Listen to your Spirit (part 2)

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