Listen to your spirit

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Listen to your Spirit

  We try to guide the kids as best we can in the hope that they’ll be equipped to deal with life and the big wide world. Sometimes we think they’re not listening but nothing could be further from the truth.

  I was down at the beach one day with Lott. We were chatting away about life in general. Out of the blue I said “We need to learn to listen to our spirits”

  “Huh” she looked skeptical like it was going to be one of those unfunny (to her not me) dad jokes.

  “You know when you do something wrong or not very nice and you feel bad about it?”

  “Ummm Yes” she replied

  “Well thats your spirit’s way of letting you know it’s not right and you’d be better off not doing that”

  “Ok then”

  “You know when you do something nice for someone and feel good about it”


  “Well that’s your spirit’s way of letting you know it’s a good thing so we need to listen to that”

  “Ok Stu” she said appearing totally uninterested. “Do you want to throw the frisbee”

  “Sure Darlin”, That was obviously enough spiritual wisdom for one day. It doesn’t hurt to try I thought.

  A few weeks later Fi came home after having taken Lott grocery shopping. She told me one of the managers had been really rude and yelled at the checkout lady in front of all the customers. The lady was obviously shaken. Fi touched the lady’s arm and told her she was doing a good job and not to pay any attention to the rudeness. The lady’s eyes welled up and she thanked Fi.

  Fi then relayed to me the conversation that followed.

  “You were really nice to that lady mum”

  “Yes, she was upset and needed some kindness”

  “Did that give you a good feeling mum?”

  “Yes it does give you a good feeling to be kind and thoughtful to others”

  “Well thats your spirit telling you it was the right thing to do. Stu told me”

  I was really surprised, she had been listening after all. I was sure my words had fallen on deaf ears. It was another real reminder to me of how much the kids see and hear and also the importance of how we conduct ourselves in front of them.

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Listen to your Spirit (Part 1)

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