My brother has two young kids and I remember when his boy was a toddler he said to me “We just don’t go to cafes or restaurants anymore, it’s not worth it.”

I obviously had no idea because I remember thinking “It can’t be that bad, just get them some food or a drink and tell them to behave. They have to know who’s boss.”

Our baby was around six months old at the time and easy to hold or place in a pram. Two years later I have come to understand what he was saying.

My wife and I had a rare weekday at home together with the little man the other day so we decided to head out for a morning coffee. Fi suggested we go to a nice cafe, a peaceful, relaxed cafe we know with good vegetarian and vegan food, it sounded good to me. A bit of time out for us both.

You could go to a thousand year old monastery deep in the Tibetan mountains, totally out of contact with the modern society and all its phones, computers, electro magnetic frequencies etc., and it’s not going to be peaceful or relaxed with a 2 and a half year old active little boy.

Anyway we got there and there’s a fishpond filled with Koi and goldfish. He was drawn to that immediately and as to be expected wasn’t happy unless he was standing as close as possible to the uneven rocky edge of the pond. We got a little glass containing fish food for a small donation and he soon realised the most efficient and entertaining way is to just tip the glass upside down and enjoy the resulting feeding frenzy.

We took it in turns following him around the gardens, which was pretty fun really. He’s just so interested in everything. He did sit still for a couple of minutes to have a drink but what kid wants to sit at a table when there’s so much to see.

Shortly after that he stood still with a look of concentration on his face, the “fragrance” that followed indicated a change of nappy was needed.

“I’ll do it.” said Fi.

No arguments there. She took him to the bathroom and came out shortly after shaking her head.

“What’s he done” I thought.

Apparently, as Fi was putting the clean nappy on the wriggling little man, he grabbed the dirty one, said “Oh Poo” and threw it at the wall. ¬†Fi watched as the contents of the nappy hit the wall and stuck to it, then started sliding slowly down the wall.

I cracked up laughing, not being the one who dealt with the situation, I could easily see the funny side of it. I’m not sure the cafe owners would’ve shared my perspective. And yes she did clean it in case you’re wondering.

We finished our cold coffee and decided to call it a day. That’s enough cafe experience with a toddler for a while I think. Besides, we have a kettle and a backyard at home.

Do you have any funny or interesting experiences going out with little ones?  Please feel free to share in the comments.





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Toddler at a cafe.
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